Healthcare Coding and Consulting Services (HCCS) provides client healthcare facilities with concurrent coding support designed to assist our clients to process medical record charts both accurately and expeditiously. Our coding teams, consisting of RHIA/RHIT/CCS/CPC coders ensure that our clients receive the only acceptable end product - an accurately coded chart, for any payer, free of any potential violations, coded in a timely manner.

Coding Services (both Facility and Physician portions):

Our coding services include:

Off-Site and On-Site Coding Services

We offer both off-site and on-site coding support:

Initial Audit

Prior to you entering into any contractual obligations HCCS provides you an opportunity to assess your options through an initial coding review of your medical record charts (Inpatient, Outpatient and ER). This study will provide the basis for a strategy that can put lost and unrealized revenues back into the hands of your institution. The cost of this study is nominal, designed to cover expenses, and will normally repay itself within days based on the information you receive from the study.

With the information obtained from the coding review we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of all coding and billing issues associated with each type of chart. Based on our findings, we will be able to provide an estimate of the potential lost revenue in each department. Increasing the average patient revenue is a function of many factors. Our initial assessment is designed to identify those factors and recommend changes that are both appropriate and well within the acceptable guidelines of individual payers, the AMA, and your institution. The decision to implement our recommendations is entirely up to you.